Bridgerton-Inspired Dog Names [Season 3]

With the second part of season 3 of Bridgerton airing today, my excitement is through the roof! Rewatching the earlier episodes to get ready for the new season inspired me to create this list of elegant and charming dog names.

Whether you’re a fan of the Bridgerton family, the high society of the ton, or the romantic escapades, there are perfect Bridgerton-inspired dog names here for your pup.

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Female Bridgerton-Inspired Dog Names

Let’s begin with some sophisticated and delightful names inspired by the beloved female characters of Bridgerton. These names capture the charm and elegance of Regency-era London.

  1. Alice
  2. Ambrose
  3. Araminta (Ara)
  4. Bridger
  5. Charlotte
  6. Coral
  7. Cressida (Cress)
  8. Danbury (Dany)
  9. Daphne
  10. Delacroix (Dela)
  11. Edwina
  1. Eloise (Ellie)
  2. Feather
  3. Finch
  4. Francesca (Fran)
  5. Genevieve (Gennie)
  6. Hyacinth 
  7. Kate
  8. Marina
  9. Mary
  10. Penelope (Penny)
  11. Phillipa
  1. Portia
  2. Prudence
  3. Queen
  4. Rose
  5. Rosso
  6. Sharma
  7. Siena
  8. Sophia
  9. Tilley
  10. Violet
  11. Whistle
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Male Bridgerton Dog Names

Let’s explore names inspired by the dashing male characters of Bridgerton. Perfect for dogs with a refined and graceful demeanor.

  1. Anthony
  2. Archibald (Archie)
  3. Benedict (Benny)
  4. Berbrooke (Brook)
  5. Colin
  6. Duke
  7. Fife
  8. George
  9. Gregory (Greg)
  1. Henry
  2. Humboldt (Boldt)
  3. Jack
  4. Jeffries (Jeff)
  5. John
  6. King
  7. Marcus (Marc)
  8. Newton (Newt)
  9. Nigel
  1. Nolan
  2. Prince
  3. Sharpe
  4. Simon
  5. Stirling
  6. Theo
  7. Varley
  8. Will
  9. Wilson

Lesser Known Bridgerton Dog Names

Let’s look at some lesser-known characters from the series (books and show). These unique names have their own special place within the world of Bridgerton.

  1. Agatha (Agie)
  2. Alexander (Alex)
  3. Amelia
  4. Amanda
  5. Belinda (Beli)
  6. Caroline
  7. Charles
  8. David
  9. Edward (Eddie)
  10. Felicity
  1. Frederick (Freddie)
  2. Gareth
  3. Georgiana (Georgie)
  4. Helen
  5. Hermione
  6. Jane
  7. Janet
  8. Katharine
  9. Kellan
  10. Lucy
  1. May
  2. Michael
  3. Miles
  4. Oliver (Ollie)
  5. Phillip
  6. Posy
  7. Robert
  8. Rosamund (Rose)
  9. Thomas
  10. Victoria


I hope you found the perfect name for your dog inspired by the enchanting world of Bridgerton. Naming your dog after these characters and settings is a lovely way to bring a touch of Regency elegance into your home.

If you choose one of these names, I’d love to hear about it! Share your dog’s new name and any charming stories on our social media, or drop me a message.

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