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Achieve a well-behaved, happy dog with my personalized online training program on basic obedience and manners. Tailored to your dog’s unique needs for real, lasting results.

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Program Features:

  • Tailored Training Plans: I customize the online program to fit your dog’s unique needs, ensuring effective and lasting behavior improvements.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Access the training materials anytime, anywhere, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule.
  • Essential Training Tools: I’ll guide you on the best training tools to ensure your dog’s success.
  • Proven Techniques: My results-based approach combines various methods to help your dog become well-balanced and happy.
  • Weekly Videos and Guides: Receive step-by-step instructions and visual aids to reinforce training between our sessions.
  • Continuous Support: You’ll enjoy ongoing guidance and support throughout the training process, ensuring you and your dog stay on track.

For just $499, you’ll receive a customized online dog training experience that addresses your dog’s specific needs. This program is an investment in your dog’s future, providing benefits that will last a lifetime.

What You Get:

  • Weekly Zoom Calls: 8 half-hour Zoom calls to review progress and provide feedback.
  • Video Reviews: Send weekly videos of your dog for me to review and give constructive feedback.
  • Customized Training Plan: Focused on basic obedience and manners.
  • Basic Obedience Training: Sit, down, recall, place, and loose leash walking.
  • Addressing Manners: Pulling, barking, jumping, door dashing, and counter surfing.
  • Flexible Learning: Access training materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Comprehensive Training Tools: Guidance on the best tools.
  • Weekly Guides and Videos: Step-by-step instructions and visual aids.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous guidance throughout the training process.
  • Proven Methods: Results-based approach for a well-balanced dog.
  • Experienced Trainer: Over a decade of professional experience.
  • One month FREE enrollment to my online dog training membership ($25 value)

This Program Isn’t for Everyone

This online dog training program is designed for dedicated dog owners who are committed to improving their dog’s behavior and building a stronger relationship. It’s for those who want:

  • Better obedience
  • Proper guidance
  • A stronger bond with their dog
  • Willingness to put in the work

If you’re looking for a quick fix or expect your issues to be resolved with little to no effort, this program might not be the right fit. My approach requires dedication and consistent effort to achieve lasting results.

My Happy Clients

I never thought my crazy Lab, Ollie, could be so well-behaved. Ashley’s training program worked wonders! Her customized approach made all the difference in our success. Highly recommend Ashley!

A white Labrador walking in a summer field.

Sarah Mackie

Ollie the Lab

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Isabella Morton

Brisket the Rescue Mutt

cute bernedoodle puppy sitting

Jeff Marshall

Mele the Bernedoodle

Our German Shepherd and Doberman, Max and Lily, had terrible manners on our walks. After working with Ashley, we’ve seen such a positive change and now we get all the compliments! The weekly guides and videos were incredibly helpful!

German Shepherd In The Summer Park

Benjamin Katz

Max and Lily

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is designed to be completed within 8 weeks but can be spaced out if need be.

This online course focuses on basic obedience and manners.

Yes, the course can be adapted for households with multiple dogs.

You’ll have access to training materials, including videos and guides, which you can view online at any time. This allows you to train at your own pace.

I will provide guidance on the best training tools to ensure your dog’s success.

I can only guarantee that you will receive high-quality instruction and the resources to succeed. It is ultimately up to you to follow through with the work.

Begin with a free online consultation where we discuss your goals and create a personalized online dog training plan. After that, you’ll receive onboarding materials to get started. Book your consult below!

The Heart of Meraki Dogs

From a young age, I was captivated by animals of all kinds. My passion for working with them led me to pursue various roles in the dog industry, including Vet Kennel Tech, Dog Daycare worker, Groomer, Rescue Volunteer, Dog Trainer, and Behavior Modification specialist.

Despite the challenges and hardships, my dedication to improving the lives of dogs and their owners has never wavered. Over the years, I’ve helped countless dogs find balance and harmony through effective training and education.

At Meraki Dogs, my mission is to provide dog owners with reliable, expert guidance. Whether through hands-on training or valuable resources on my blog, I aim to set you and your dog on a path to success. Thank you for trusting me on your journey!

Ashley Reely

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